The Box Office Report: I Ain’t Afraid of No Doll!

We are right smack in the middle of August! Time sure does fly! Welcome to The Box Office Report, where I attempt to give commentary on the previous weekend at the movies! Sometimes my comments are a bit on the wrong side but I’m pretty sure we all still have a good time! Right, guys? You don’t have to answer that. Let’s get on to the movies! Continue reading

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The Comic Book Friends: The Fastest Men Alive

It’s Sunday. I’m hot, a little sweaty, and my mind is weary from standing under the draining Texas sun all morning. It’s 2:30pm and I just returned from lunch after church. I’m ready for a long nap. Moments later my friend Kennedy calls and tells me he found the first issue of Wolverine on Craigslist. Said it was an hour away but wanted to see if I’d come with. I’m still tired, and my head’s starting to hurt from the lack of water, but I say yes without hesitation. Why? Because I’m a comic book nerd – and sleep is secondary to a good find. Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Love Moana (+ a Fun Fact!)

If you haven’t watched Disney’s newest “princess” movie, you’re missing out. Here are seven reasons to love Moana:

Continue reading

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Four Trailer Thursday

Trailer Thursday

Anddddd we’re back from hiatus. I’ve got four trailers for you today, spanning the spectrum from horror to humor, domestic to foreign, (probably) good to invariably bad. Strap in and take this journey with me. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited to be writing again after taking a circumstance enforced break. Please feel free to comment on this short article, share if you want to know what movies to look out for and suggest trailers that you think I should include in next week’s edition. Let’s get into it. Continue reading

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The Legend of Zelda Experience Part VI: The Wind Waker

Epicness sometimes wears a jovial smile.

Nostalgia is a powerful pair of rose-tinted glasses, often covering flaws in a work with warm feeling and excuses. In The Legend of Zelda Experience, I have attempted to put those glasses on a shelf and see it anew. To my everlasting delight, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, is still a game I can point to when foolish folks claim that Video Games cannot be art. I am not referring merely to the graphics, but to the entire experience. Continue reading

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