Under the Gun, Disney Jumped the Gunn

Some jokes are never funny.

Thankfully, our society still repulses at the atrocious jokes James Gunn made several years ago. His past jokes are simply inexcusable. I won’t share them in this story. I think they are terrible and Gunn should never have attempted that kind of humor.


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We Need to Talk about the ‘We Need to Talk About’ Headline Culture

When I read the “We need to talk about (insert something you may or may not find offensive about a celebrity/movie/etc.)” headlines, I think I’m being invited to partake in an intervention.

we need to talk about kevin.jpg

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All the Many Rooms I Refused to Die In

One day

These are not my thoughts. These are the thoughts of someone I am very close to but am still discovering. I am a passenger, a scribe, swimming in this stream of consciousness. These thoughts resemble mine, filtered through the context of speculative fiction… Enlivened and elongated for the expression of things I’m afraid to tell strangers. These thoughts are mine but do not belong to me.

I suppose some of them do.

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Rio 2 – It’s a Jungle Out There!

Rio-2-Movie-wallpaper1I went into this movie without seeing its predecessor. Thankfully this movie stands pretty well on its own.

As expected (coming from Blue Sky) there is a conservation message. Bad guys of choice this time are loggers in the Amazon.  Continue reading

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Jonathan Nolan, Total Depravity, and the #MeToo Movement

Jonathan Nolan understands Total Depravity.

In a recent interview writer/director Jonathan Nolan laid down, in his own words, the basic tenants of the doctrine.

“There’s a flaw in our code and it follows us around,” he told the reporter. “Wherever we go, there we are. And we just can’t get out of our own (—-) way. All the beauty and incredible things we brought, and we just consistently find a way to (—-) it up.”


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