Nintendo Switch Review

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Nintendo has been trying to reinvent the wheel for years. In the wake of the Wii U’s ginormous flop, it’s no surprise that Nintendo is trying to recapture the financial and commercial success they enjoyed with the Wii by releasing the promising Nintendo Switch Platform. Having seen the first announcement, Nintendo sunk their teeth into me. However, watching their first press conference had me utterly concerned they were trying to get  that Wii magic again. Luckily, I believe they didn’t know how to market such an awesome piece of hardware. I love taking my Joy-Cons out of the tablet and sticking them into the grip that’s bundled within the unit. On the other side, every time I go to charge/play my Switch on my dock – I’m reminded of the faulty design flaws. I’ve avoided all scratches, scrapes and bends of the dock; but, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge problem. It’s what comes with being an early adopter of a brand new piece of hardware or generally anything. The Nintendo Switch has been out for over a month now and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with it, mostly playing the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – which I’ll go into further in a different review.

Switch Games Lineup:

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The Switch’s future looks super promising. With NBA 2K18, a custom built FIFA game, Skyrim on the go, Mario Odyssey, and so much third party support coming out this fall into next year. As for any new Nintendo hardware, all fans hope for a home Pokémon game experience. We as a gaming community have been craving this for the longest time. I believe Game Freak can pull it off, it’s just if they can get around to it. The Switch didn’t launch with many great games as it could’ve it was postponed to this fall where it’d have a Zelda AND Mario game launching with excellent third party support. That’s where I find Nintendo’s biggest mistake.

Battery Life:

One of my only faults with the Switch thus far is the battery life. Granted I am playing Breath of the Wild nonstop, the battery consumption is enormous. On the other hand, I have not charged my Joy-Con controllers at all yet. They are still fully functional and working perfectly. No sync issues, no sliding issues, no charging issues. Everything works properly, just not ideally.

Pro Controller vs Joy-Con Grip:

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Whenever Amazon started launching everything the night of preorders, I was waiting patiently for the Switch Pro Controller to post. However, it takes days to actually become listed. I didn’t get a chance to get one but I did get a chance to play one and I must say – the difference between the Pro Controller and the Joy-Con aren’t enough for me to justify spending $70 for a Pro controller. But, I also primarily play in “handheld mode”, as well.

In conclusion, I believe that the Switch is the next big thing in mobile gaming. It’s weirdly marketed as this home console/handheld hybrid but, it’s more so the latter. The screen is the perfect size, the buttons are closer together but nothing unbearable. The battery life isn’t ideal whatsoever and the games lineup as of launch isn’t as good as we hoped it would be. I believe their technical faults will be fixed shortly and the games are indeed on the way! I’m super excited to see where Nintendo goes from here. Mario Kart 8 Delxue launches in April 28th, Splatoon 2 in July and a brand new Mario in the Fall. Nintendo is sitting pretty and I’m very happy that I’m an early adopter. If you have any interest whatsoever in Nintendo IPs, I suggest making the investment. However, it can wait towards summer when you can enjoy Zelda by yourself while having Mario Kart and Splatoon 2 to enjoy with friends.

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