Triple TV Trailer Thursday

Alright guys you know what time it is. I don’t want to waste yours, so like Hanes I’ll be brief!

  1. Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (2018)

Runaways, angst and young love. Cautiously optimistic about this series… Even if it is on ABC a constant home of “family friendly” (read: safe) programming.


2. Star Trek: Discovery

I expect this to be the first Star Trek series I ever watch. I’ve never had the chance to get into the William Kirk or Picard era shows/movies and honestly wasn’t a fan until the Kelvin timeline. I’m hoping this series lives up to it’s trailer.


3. The Gifted

Fox and Marvel team up to expand the X-Men universe. Bullied kids, family issues and special powers for fans of superhero stuff in general.

That wraps it up. Short and sweet but it’s what we’ve got for you this week!

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