The Box Office Report 6/5/17

Welcome back to The Box Office Report! I think it’s best to dub this week Wonder Woman Week, seeing as that the film released to a ton of good press and reviews from critics. But critics are one thing, did the audience actually turn out to see the first big screen adaptation of DC’s first lady? Is she even really called that? I have no idea. Continue reading to find out!

I have to admit that everyone was holding their breath for how Wonder Woman would turn out. Critically the DCEU hasn’t had the greatest track record and I have a feeling that the low domestic predictions for the film were due to that doubt. Box Office Mojo was predicting originally anywhere between $80 and $95 million, after Friday’s estimates came out they bumped that up to $95-$100 million, and now we see that the true estimate is over $100 million. I want to believe that this figure is on the low side and that come Monday afternoon we will see that number a bit higher (I’ll throw my hat into the ring and say $103 million will be the final resting place) due to that generally movies that have such a high buzz associated with them tend to outperform their estimations. The incredible bit of news with the film, outside of being a positively received DCEU film, is that it is the largest opening ever for a woman director breaking the original record held by Fifty Shades of Grey (Thank goodness…). CinemaScore gave this film an “A” and I foresee it having very good legs moving forward. Having been someone who saw the film over the weekend I think DC has found a formula that works for them and it’s easily the most watchable film they have had since the DCEU became a thing. Expect it to do battle next week with The Mummy, led by Tom Cruise. Call me crazy but I think Wonder Woman could have two weeks in a row at number one. I think folks will see that the film not only was reviewed well but had a great turn out opening weekend and will be compelled to see what all the buzz really was.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie took over second place and is a movie that is ten years too late in the making. Reviews have been good for the film (not too far away from the same praise Wonder Woman has had) and it’ll be interesting moving forward to see if it captures on the success that The Boss Baby found earlier this year although I doubt it. Captain Underpants needs to make its money now because in two weeks Cars 3 will release.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales isn’t looking so good domestically. Rumors are swirling that this could be the first Pirates film to not gross $200 million domestically. If that does end up happening, and if the worldwide gross doesn’t hit some very lofty numbers, then will this spell the actual end to the Pirates franchise? It’s too soon to tell but things are looking quite murky at this point.

I know I’ve harped on about how disappointing Alien: Covenant has been but I think the film is going to do alright in the long run. This film was never intended to be a blockbuster and while the domestic totals are going to be low the foreign amounts (It’s made $174 million worldwide) should keep the film from being a true bust.

I’m giving King Arthur: Legend of the Sword one last hurrah today because after this weekend I’m pretty sure it will be out of the top ten (but never out of our hearts). I know it’s probably annoying at this point but I’m still sad that this film still hasn’t panned out. It currently has my vote for most underrated film of the year (or the Critics Entirely Missed The Point award)

On the overall domestic totals side of things we see that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has crossed over the $350 million mark. It is now the fifth highest grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe film of all time domestically (And worldwide for that matter. The four films that are listed higher on both lists, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 3, Avengers, and Age of Ultron, went on the gross over $1 billion worldwide although I don’t see GotG 2 making that kind of money at this point). With Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales crossing into the top ten Disney now has 3 of those top ten spots all to itself while especially clamping down on the top two. Fate of the Furious is slowly gliding to a $225 million finish, the movie does nothing for me at this point. I have such hollow memories of the film. Another thing of note is that out of all the movies on the top ten only two of them came out in May and the only film that has officially closed on this list is Split. Expect this list to be a bit different by the end of July and especially by the end of the year. Wonder Woman currently sits in twelfth place but I don’t see her sitting that low for much longer. The film should easily pass over Pirates 5 within a few days.

Notable film closings:
Power Rangers – $85 million domestic, $140 million worldwide vs $100 million budget (Power Rangers back in the 90s was one of my, and many others, favorite TV shows to watch as a kid but it seems that a modern day reboot of the show in movie form just didn’t sit well with anyone. Caught somewhere between the nostalgic glory days for adults my age and the exaggerated bits of a young adult novel this movie tried to please everyone but in the end it fell kind of flat. There are rumors that the film could still get a sequel though thanks to merchandise sales…)

The big news this week (outside of Wonder Woman) is that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hit $800 million worldwide which is quite the achievement for the film. I said a few weeks ago that GotG 2 could hit $800 million if both Alien: Covenant and Pirates 5 flopped out of the gate a bit and it seems that is what happened. Obviously the same demographic as GotG 2 wouldn’t go see Alien: Covenant so maybe I misspoke there although I still thought that the film, if it had been good enough, would have eaten into its profits a bit. Even Pirates 5 hasn’t been as well received and shows that, domestically at least, audiences are growing a bit weary of the film series. Speaking of Pirates 5, the film has climbed up to number 6 on the list with $507 million. Will the film reach anything higher than $600 million? Probably but there are a lot of new releases that are stacked against the film and it’s not really gaining much traction anywhere. I could be wrong (I usually am) but things just don’t look good for this film movie forward. Wonder Woman currently sits in eighteenth place with $223 million but I fully expect the film to be in the top ten (for both lists) by next weekend.

And that will do it for this week! Thank you to everyone who reads this and I apologize for it coming out so late! It’s usually harder for me to get to this article on the weekends when we record Audio Asylum (Which you should check out, when it releases this Tuesday, if you were a fan of Wonder Woman!). So next week we will continue to track Wonder Woman (What is the realistic expectations for this film? I’ll try and get down and dirty with some legit analysis that will probably be wrong!), continue to see if the ship is sinking for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and see if Tom Cruise and The Mummy really is a good film (or just a lazy attempt to start a new franchise….take a guess which one I think). See you guys next week!

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