Trailer Thursday

Lightened load for today… Nothing really caught my eye besides the two trailers that I’m showcasing today.


The trailer takes pains to point out that this is a re-imagining (NOT a remake) of the classic Stephen King novel/movie.

I am really excited for this, TV has never been a breeding ground for good horror so I’m hoping that “The Mist” can spark something intriguing.

This trailer does exactly what you want it to do, creating a looming terror and interspersing character beats within it.

Twitter was SHOOK when this trailer dropped Friday night. Anybody that knows me realizes I am the furthest thing imaginable from a Marvel fan but this trailer makes me a believer. This might not be the “Creed” sequel we’ve been wanting (YOU THINK WE FORGOT RYAN COOGLER?!?) but it is at least a worthy substitute.

This trailer showcases an all-star cast in astounding scenery. Wakanda looks to be the most visually arresting Marvel property yet


Michael B. Jordan (he’s good in everything Josh hasn’t touched)

Andy Serkis (nice to see him out of mo-cap)

Wakanda (breathtakingly beautiful)

Boseman kicking butt (so what if it was a stunt double)

Lowlights – “Woke” BP fans on Twitter… Seriously guys, lets not ruin BP by being jackwagons. Okay? Okay.

CGI is a bit wonky in places but that is understandable. Disney execs wanted to premiere the trailer in front of a massive NBA Finals audience and they were (understandably) frightened that the series would end before they could release it.

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