The Box Office Report June 20th

Welcome to The Box Office Report and a late happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s in the room! We are roughly halfway through the summer blockbuster months and it seems that things aren’t quite what they seem. I guess when I was younger movies released around this time period seemed to have a bigger draw than what they have had. Seems that domestic audiences are getting a little bit pickier with the movies they decide to go see. Either way, join me after the cut to see what happened this past weekend!

To no one’s surprise, Cars 3 took the number one spot this past weekend. The glorified toy commercial actually debuted a bit lower than what some sites were predicting. Digging a bit further and one can find that the $53 million opening is actually the worst out of the entire franchise (Cars 1: $60 M, Cars 2: $66 M). Unfortunately the sites I use don’t have the budget for the film listed but I have to assume that it is somewhere near what The Boss Baby’s was at $125 M if not higher. Cars 3 is going to make money, at least on the domestic side, because children’s movies tend to do well no matter the quality. There’s a reason why The Boss Baby succeeded as well as it did and what helps Cars 3 out is that the reviews have been pretty positive (CinemaScore gave the film an A; Rotten Tomatoes has the film at a 66%). So moving forward I see the film making decent money domestically but not so much internationally thanks to how The Mummy is performing and due to Transformers 5 coming out this week. Cars 3 is also the sixth lowest opening for a Pixar film (out of a total of 18 films). Four out of the five that opened worse than Cars 3 are considered classics (A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Ratatouille) with The Good Dinosaur being the odd one out. The Good Dinosaur is also considered the first true flop by Pixar (The film grossed $332 M worldwide but it was the lowest amount grossed for a Pixar film since 1998’s A Bug’s Life at $363 M. Money is a bit less valuable today too thanks to inflation so if the worldwide totals are adjusted for inflation The Good Dinosaur made less than Cars 2 and is still considered the lowest grossing Pixar film). It’ll be interesting to continue watching this film moving forward to see if it does better than Cars 2 but there’s a question that still remains: Has Pixar lost their magic touch after all these years?

With an extraordinary drop of only 29.5%, Wonder Woman is still impressing in the box office. Although to be honest, the competition this year hasn’t lived up to its hype. The only film that has been worth its salt has been Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 but that was released all the way back in the first of May. Wonder Woman is experiencing a bit of what happened to Suicide Squad last year, no true competition for weeks at a time, yet the film’s great reviews and excellent word of mouth is what should keep this film grossing solidly for the next few weeks. I don’t see Transformers 5 stealing too much of Wonder Woman’s thunder and the film should easily be in the top five by next weekend. I’ve more to say on the film in the domestic and international totals sections.

The biopic on one of the most popular, and arguably one of the most influential, rappers ever, 2Pac, hasn’t exactly pleased some people who actually knew 2Pac but the people behind the film had to have been pleased with how much All Eyez on Me took in its opening weekend. The film is performing right between similar films Straight Outta Compton (opened at $60 M) and Notorious (opened at $20.5 M). With a bigger production budget of $45 M it seems that the film should be able to make a bit of a profit although I don’t see it touching what Straight Outta Compton made worldwide ($202 M). This will be one to watch for next weekend as I’m curious at how front loaded the film was.

Ever since Jaws the general public seem to have this fascination with sharks. I don’t know much about the animals but I don’t see them as mindless killing machines unless there’s blood in the water or if they are extremely hungry but nevertheless we get another shark themed horror film 47 Meters Down. With bad ratings on Rotten Tomatoes (54%) and a C from CinemaScore I just don’t see this film staying too long. I hope the production budget for the film wasn’t too high (I’ve heard that filming on the ocean can get expensive but I’m pretty sure the film was mostly in a water tank). This film feels similar to The Shallows released 2 years ago with Blake Lively and that’s about all I can say about the film (Although I do have a complaint towards Box Office Mojo. Finding Nemo, The Shallows, these films are listed under the Shark genre yet 47 Meters Down ISN’T? I just don’t understand…)

Rough Night looked like it had a….rough…weekend? The $20 M budgeted The Hangover meets Weekend At Bernie’s film looks like another loss for Sony and it seems that the star power of Scarlett Johannsson isn’t enough to save the film. I get that the film probably isn’t meant for me but every time I saw the trailers Jillian Bell’s character just grated my nerves so bad. I normally don’t care for these style comedy films either as the type of jokes made get old fast. I think the film will be a bit of a profit but barely as the reviews have been terrible to mediocre. So far this year Sony is actually doing worse than Paramount ($187 M vs $254 M) and while I know Spider-Man: Homecoming will be a great shot in the arm for the studio they need to be careful with what projects they choose in the future. Too many losses make for a rough night. Yes, I went there.

Wonder Woman finally made it up to number three on the total domestic list and should carve out a nice spot that I don’t think any other film will touch for a few months. The film should pass Man of Steel’s total domestic box office gross before next weekend. I think the film ends up with roughly $340 to $350 M domestically. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 keeps cruising along really nice. The film has had nice legs since its release and truthfully it and Wonder Woman have been the only good, well-received, films to release during this time. It looks like The Fate of the Furious will end its domestic run with at least $25 M less than its production budget. Seems to be the best case scenario with the film. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is just barely holding on to that tenth place spot but I think Transformers 5 will overtake it. If not it then Despicable Me 3 or Spider-Man: Homecoming will.

Notable Closings:
Kong: Skull Island – $168 M domestic, $566 M worldwide vs. $185 M budget. (I don’t think this film was a failure but I still think WB wanted to get more out of it than it did. They are hoping this becomes a franchise/universe of its own with Godzilla (2014) and although that film did better domestically it ended up doing the a bit worse worldwide although it had a cheaper budget ($200 M domestic; $529 M worldwide vs $160 M budget). We may have to see the budgets get trimmed a bit more but there’s no real sign that the future films they have planned will get axed anytime soon. Bring on Godzilla Vs King Kong!)

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that The Fate of the Furious could pass Beauty and the Beast? I’m okay with being dead wrong as it seems that even though The Fate of the Furious killed it in the foreign markets it just didn’t have enough of a push domestically. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 looks like it may end up really close to $850 M worldwide which is incredible. The sequel has vastly outperformed the first film. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (I actually hate having to type all of that out) may look impressive internationally but I’ll be very surprised if the film actually draws a true profit. I’ll be even more surprised if we get another Pirates film. Wonder Woman will hit $600 M worldwide easily by next weekend. It’s going to come really close to passing Man of Steel’s worldwide totals ($668 M) pretty soon too. The film is going to be more of a shocker domestically because it seems a handful of films are drawing better in the foreign markets. Wonder Woman hasn’t released in all of its international markets yet with the latest being in Japan in August. Once Transformers 5 comes out Your Name will be pushed out of the top ten. This greatly displeases me.

Notable (or laughable) international totals:
The Mummy (2017) – $294 M (Is the Dark Universe still going to happen??)
Alien: Covenant – $213.6 M (This film will survive.)

Transformers 5 actually releases this Wednesday for American theaters so it’ll be interesting to see if they can somehow get a leg up on the domestic box office. I don’t see the film doing extremely well but it could honestly be the first legit bit of competition for Wonder Woman. So stay tuned next week for more box office action! Thanks for reading and all of the support!

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