Tri-Trailer Thursday

Welcome back to Tri-Trailer Thursday!

I’m really excited for the offerings I have for you today. Let’s get right into it!


First off we have Jamie Lannister with both hands (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) , The Punisher (Jon Berenthal), Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) finally caught after criminal abuse of yogurt, Ghost (Omari Chadwick) and Lake in Shot Caller.

From the trailers we get the set-up: Coster-Waldau goes to prison on a manslaughter charge, scared out of his mind but determined to survive. Coster-Waldau in the trailer alone goes through a terrifying transformation from nebbish neophyte to hardened criminal.

Donovan and Berenthal both look like scene stealers here. I’m excited for this movie because it looks like a raw, vulnerable thriller without the exploitative edge that too much prison cinema possesses. The cast is stellar and Ric Roman Waugh have been on a tear lately (Drive, Snitch and Nightcrawler!!!).

Just. Take. My. Money

Friday the 13th is still a ways away but the Happy Death Day trailer is more than capable of getting me into the horror movie season.

Starring “In Da Club”, a terrifying baby and what seems to be a hint of humor amidst the trauma, this ode to the Bill Murray classic Groundhog day seems like it will be scary fun.

Amazon brings together an all-star cast (Jeff Bridges, Pierce Brosnan, Kate Beckinsale and Cynthia Nixon) in what looks to be a thoroughly charming piece about disillusionment, eroticism and friendship. The protagonist (Callum Turner) unhappy with mere friendship with Kiersey Clemons (ingratitude is a sin!) is seduced into a relationship with a woman he originally meets as his father’s paramour. With a premise like that this movie can’t fail to be interesting.


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