Tri Trailer Thursday

Welcome back to #TrailerThursday! The trailer gods have blessed us again with an abundance of material. Be prepared to feast your eyes. Maybe I’m over-exaggerating because it is payday… Don’t judge me. Let’s hop right into this.

Reed Richards er Miles Teller plays a soldier suffering from PTSD. The subject matter is incredibly important and stories like these need to be told over and over again. Teller and Haley Bennet are the stand outs in this cast.



The return of Jackie Chan in an amped-up, martial arts take on “Taken?” Sign me up. Chan looks to be in as fit as ever and Pierce Brosnan commands attention when onscreen. I’m excited to see Chan vs. current and ex terrorists kicking major tail. Chan is still doing his own stunts! Crazy right?!


This movie doesn’t look good but it does star DCEU Iris West (Kiersey Clemmons) and Ellen Page. That’s more than enough reason to see what looks to be an interesting if not quite original take on the “something wicked this way comes” subgenre in horror. I’m being too harsh probably but I’m not terribly sanguine. Criticisms aside this movie looks plenty scary enough to be interesting.




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