Trailer Thursday

Welcome back to trailer Thursday ladies and gents! I’ve been scouring the depths of the internet for that almighty #content and I am very pleased with what I have to offer you today. I’ve got a little bit of everything for you. A big budget movie featuring America’s true sweetheart, a Netflix original guaranteed to cause fanboy aneurisms and a tear-jerker featuring the only Spiderman people don’t care about. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Yes. Nobody asked for this. No, nobody seems terribly excited about this. Yes, the Rock just bombed with Baywatch (another property that never needed updating) and there is no objective reason to think that this… reimagining is going to be good BUT. ONE OF THESE KEVIN HEART/DWAYNE JOHNSON COLLABS HAS TO BE GOOD. The two of them are far too capable and talented to not be absolutely hilarious in something. Jack Black and Karen Gillan are two terrific additions as well. Most of the CGI looks spot on and I actually laughed out loud and two parts during the trailer. A few of the gags seemed lazy but that is comedy these days… I’ll probably end up seeing this and you should too.

I know literally nothing about Death Note. That’s not true because I’ve seen two episodes. The central conceit is actually really interesting – there exists a certain kind of book and writing a person’s name in the book ensures their death.

As a non-fan certain parts of the trailer are opaque to me but still interesting

There has been some controversy in the movie. There are claims of white-washing and “Americanizing” certain parts of the original anime. I know too little to offer an opinion but the success of Iron Fist (in the face of a concerted effort to derail it) gives us no reason to expect this to hurt the film’s success.   This film looks to have it all, grisly deaths, intrigue and romance. I’m looking forward to

Andy Serkis – perhaps FINALLY winning an Oscar for a mo cap performance?! – directs a movie sure to test your ability to withhold tears. Andrew Garfield stars as Rob Cavendish paralyzed after contracting polio in the times before vaccines. Garfield has been on fire recently and brings a newfound confidence to this role. He is joined by Claire Foy and others. The story’s subject matter has a special resonance for me as my own father was paralyzed around my early teens. It is special to see the differently abled receive some recognition on the big screen. This movie looks sure to inspire and uplift and while I won’t promise to be there day 1 (I don’t like to cry in theaters!) those who aren’t afraid of their emotions will likely enjoy this film.

That’s Trailer Thursday for this week guys!

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