The Box Office Report: Warring Against Emojis

Welcome to The Box Office Report and to August everyone! Normally this is viewed as a bit of a dead period for movies since it’s the end of the American summer and everyone has pretty much spent all of their money doing whatever it is that people do during the summer. I’m not saying that I don’t know what people do during the summer just that I don’t…let’s just get to the movies!

If everyone could be so kind please pour one out for Dunkirk or at least drink a pint in the film’s honor as it barely held off Sony’s The Emoji Movie for the top spot this weekend and for the second week in a row. So far the film is tracking to make more than Interstellar ($188M domestically) while most seem to think it’ll settle below Batman Begins with its final domestic total ($206M). Interstellar had a stellar 3.96 multiplier but had the advantage of Thanksgiving weekend to boost its box office. Batman Begins, on the other hand, had a multiplier around 4.24 which is even better. Christopher Nolan’s films tend to do extremely well as the weeks move along. Dunkirk has already made a bit over $24M more than Interstellar made after 10 days yet it is making around $2M less than Batman Begins at the same point. I’m willing to make an assumption that Dunkirk will end up with around a 4.1 multiplier and if that’s the case then the film will finish with right over $207M domestic, beating out both Interstellar and Batman Begins. Could I be right? Could I be wrong? To both I say yes. I’m probably over estimating the film and I could see it very easily settling for $190M. Check back on this in a few weeks and tell me if I was wrong!

The first new release that we will touch on this week is one that has been critically panned by everyone, The Emoji Movie. I’m just as surprised as everyone else that this film made as much money as it did, despite scathing reviews (6% on Rotten Tomatoes, B on CinemaScore, and a 10 on Metacritic). This a win for Sony, right? I’m not so sure about that. It’s ranked as the eighty-eighth highest opening for an animated film on Box Office Mojo, it even opened better than Captain Underpants, but there’s a big difference here. The Emoji Movie opened in over five hundred more theaters than Captain Underpants yet made less than $700K more than the film. In fact, there are only 30 animated movies on record at Box Office Mojo that opened in four thousand or more theaters. Care to guess where The Emoji Movie ranks on that list? Good guess, it’s the worst animated film opening for a film released in over four thousand theaters. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Over the Hedge, Monsters Vs Aliens, Shark Tale, and The Croods all had better openings than The Emoji Movie. That’s a bit worse than meh, wouldn’t you say? I think it’s pretty pitiful that a movie about emojis even exists. So don’t believe the articles saying that the film is doing really well, it’s just that it’s a kids movie and they tend to make money no matter what. The Emoji Movie has a really cheap budget and should be a bit of a commercial success but Sony, please, for the love of Disney, do NOT green light a sequel for this. You have to have better ideas than this on the drawing board.

Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you the number one comedy of 2017 currently, Girls Trip! Seriously though, the bar was set very low for anyone to really reach up and grab it. It just seemed like no one wanted to grab that bar. This makes Rough Night and Baywatch look even worse, although I’m not in the least saying Girls Trip is a bad film. The reviews for the film have been outstanding, to say the least. The market was there, studios just have to make a competent enough film to capitalize on it. With $67M worldwide versus a budget of $19M I’d say this film is a runaway success, which is similar to what I said last week. Whoops.

The final new release that I’ll take about in depth, Atomic Blonde, opened in fourth place and is, to no one’s surprise, performing similar to the first John Wick film. I know it’s unfair to draw specific comparisons to certain films but this is just low hanging fruit, especially when the director worked on the first John Wick film as an uncredited director. The original John Wick finished with right under a 3 multiplier (opened at $14.4M with a total domestic gross of $43M) and if we apply that to Atomic Blonde then the film would earn around $54M. I’m not quite sure what the marketing budget for this film was but I’ve seen it all over Twitter so it makes me wonder if $54M would make the film a success. It’ll be interesting to see how the film performs over the next few weeks. Interestingly enough, Atomic Blonde scored the fourth highest opening of all time for Focus Features, the studio behind the film (Insidious Chapter 3, London Has Fallen, and Burn After Reading are one through three on the list). I hope this film does well, similar to Wonder Woman, as we generally don’t get a lot of action films with a female lead.

Spidey keeps holding on! Rounding out the top five is Spider-Man: Homecoming and it looks like the film is still making a run at $300M domestically and I’m now back on board that it’ll actually reach that milestone. The film made $35M over the course of its last week (weeks run from Thursday to Wednesday) and it seems to me that if it keeps falling at the rate that it’s going (Week one to two it fell nearly 60% but from week two to three it only fell 47%) that it’ll hit $300M sometime around week five of its release. Homecoming has already passed The Amazing Spider-Man films in its domestic gross as well (TASM1 had $262M, TASM2 had $202M). For Spider-Man’s sixth film adaptation this film isn’t doing horrible in the least, and is actually becoming one of the more profitable MCU films of all time.

Rest of the Top Ten Quick Hits:

War for the Planet of the Apes may have brought in $10M but the film is fading pretty fast. I hope this film can make at least $150M domestically but that door is closing pretty fast. Despicable Me 3 has made a lot of money and will continue doing well for some time. It’s hard to call this one of the worst in the franchise when it’s made over $800M worldwide against an $80 budget. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets…I’m so sorry. If I say “sorry” one thousand times does it make it any better? No? Okay. I think Baby Driver reaches $100M domestically in two to three weeks. Wonder Woman is going to hit $400M domestically. She’s barely in the top ten this week yet only dropped 27.7% from last weekend.

2017 Domestic Totals:

The top ten finally looks a bit different than it did a few months ago. Not much has really changed from last week beyond Despicable Me 3 jumping both The Fate of the Furious and Logan to claim the fourth spot on the list. The only film currently out that should have a spot on this list before it closes is Dunkirk, which is currently in eighteenth place. Spider-Man: Homecoming will have passed Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s domestic total of $277M by Monday which is ninth in the MCU domestic totals list.

Notable Film Closings:


Opened: May 25th, Closed July 27th

$58M domestically, $173.9M worldwide vs $69M budget

Continuing a trend of movies that nobody asked for, Baywatch tried to give the world a raunchy comedy based on the TV show from the 90s. The problem with this is that what the show originally gave to the world is already freely available on the internet (What I’m alluding to you can figure out on your own.). So it didn’t matter how charming (or threatening) The Rock is or how popular Zac Efron is, if no one wanted your reboot then the audience won’t take well to it (Just look at the recent Power Rangers film as an opposite but similar comparison.). I’m not saying the film doesn’t have good bits, as I never saw it, I just can’t imagine how they were going to make a lot of money with that high of a budget for a film that is primarily a comedy. But hey, at least the budget was nice.

2017 Worldwide Totals:

Wonder Woman is going to hit $800M surprisingly easy. This is a massive achievement for a DC film not named Batman. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales may have made enough money on the foreign market to justify a sequel. It’s still around $180M less than At World’s End made worldwide ($963.4M). Transformer: The Last Knight though…it makes me giggle. Spider-Man: Homecoming is tenth highest grossing film in the MCU worldwide of all time right now. It just recently passed Iron Man 2’s worldwide total of $633.6 and I still believe that it’ll make around what Doctor Strange made worldwide at the least($677M).


We didn’t have too many crazy things happen this week even though The Emoji Movie tried to shake things up. Next weekend we have The Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, as the primary wide release and Detroit, starring John Boyega, officially opens nationwide as well. Tune in next week to see how these films perform and to see what other shake ups occur! Thanks for reading and for the support!

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