Four Trailer Thursday

Trailer Thursday

Anddddd we’re back from hiatus. I’ve got four trailers for you today, spanning the spectrum from horror to humor, domestic to foreign, (probably) good to invariably bad. Strap in and take this journey with me. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited to be writing again after taking a circumstance enforced break. Please feel free to comment on this short article, share if you want to know what movies to look out for and suggest trailers that you think I should include in next week’s edition. Let’s get into it.

Gun Shy

I’m reversing myself to keep things fresh. Normally I’d place what I consider the trailer for the movie I consider the most interesting first but today… I’m not convinced Gun Shy has the possibility of being good. Nonetheless I’m always willing to give Antonio Banderas a chance.



Darren Aronofksy has put together an all-star cast to tell what looks to a psychological take on home invasion cinema. Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence are an out of the box pairing that somehow works. Unsettling and creepy music really build the sensation of unknowing terror and this trailer does a really good job of not giving the plot of the money away. Of course the trailer isn’t entirely plot-opaque, we know there is something of significance in visitor’s appearance at the Bardem-Lawrence house but that is pretty much it. Michelle Pfeiffer looks deliciously creepy and has the second best line of the trailer “God help you.” In case you were wondering, the best line of the trailer is Bardem’s unsettling rejoinder to a Jennifer Lawrence revelation of odd objects in the vistors luggage “and why were you in their luggage.” Nobody does a better job with anguish than Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Harris is always so perfectly cast as a villain that I wouldn’t trust him in real life… I’ll see this day one


Comrade Detective

Few trailers bear the distinction of making me laugh out loud but this one definitely did it. Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Nick Offerman and Marisa Tomei star her in what looks to be an altogether uproarious comedy. I rewound and rewatched the trailer just for the “I always bet on red” line and nearly died laughing. I’m hoping this show lives up to the trailer. I’m hoping this is irreverent, referential, light-hearted fun.


The Limehouse Golem

Murder, Marx and a British detective. Say no more.


That is it for today! Thanks for reading.

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