Gaming Bits! Trials Fusion and Just Cause 3

If you’re a subscriber to Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus then you may have noticed each month you get a free game or two. This is fantastic; but how do you know if these games are worth downloading? You have precious hard drive space on your Xbox One or Playstation 4, so this is going to be a hard choice to make, right? Wrong! Gaming Bits have you covered! This month we will tackle Trials Fusion (Available until September 15th) for the Xbox One and Just Cause 3 (Available until September 5th) for the Playstation 4. The only caveat is that our test subjects, Chris (who jumped ship to Sony after Microsoft scared him when it was originally announced their console would be online all the time. It’s not now but PS4 is still best.) and Joseph H. (who’s been a die hard Xbox fanboy since he fell in love with the “OG” Xbox and Master Chief) , have one hour to decide whether the game is worth the download or not! So read ahead and see what they find!

Trials Fusion

Bikes, cats, spins, tricks, and flips – oh and crashes: lots and lots of crashes. Trials Fusion will bring you great happiness when making the perfect landing – almost enough happiness to forget the past thirty failed attempts where I crashed and burned in a steady blaze of glory. The game knows you will fail. Trials Fusion is the Dark Souls of motocross game; one that punishes you for the fun of it. And for the most part, I can dig it. There’s plenty of options and crazy things to do in this dystopian future filled with daring bikers, crazy weather, and an insane robot lady leading the way.

I’ve been playing Trials games all the way back when I would play them on my school computer in high school during the last bit of computer class. So I’ve been a fan for a while. One downside is the steep jump in difficulty from part I to part II. Sometimes the game will ask you to do a special move in a main level, only to show you how to perform it in the next training track. This game is filled with many fun, exciting, and completely off the wall moments and track, mixed at few times with some extremely frustrating level design and difficulty. I’d gladly buy this game, so this is definitely a must download if you own an Xbox One.


Verdict: Download it!

Tight controls, sleek graphics, mostly unique level design, and a cat, holding a gun, riding a fire-breathing unicorn.

Just Cause 3

If someone were to asked me to tell them how this game is in one word I would say: Explosions. This game is a full on third person action romp across the fictional Mediterranean country of Medici. The story is the same as the rest of the games or any other open world sandbox games, which is, liberate various cities from the bad guys by just blowing up everything. The game is pure spectacle and at times feels like a Fast and Furious film. I played the original Just Cause back on the original Xbox, tinkered around with Just Cause 2 on PC, and I can confidently say that Just Cause 3 doesn’t change the formula up too much from those games. There are various challenges you can complete which will allow you to upgrade the protagonist of the game, Rico, but the main mechanics of the game, which involve using your awesome grappling hook and a dual tether system, ultimately remain the same. SquareEnix have added a wing suit to the game that I actually found a bit tedious to use so mileage with this may vary.

If you were a fan of the Saints Row games before they jumped the shark with aliens or want an alternative to GTA V then I highly recommend you pick this title up while it’s free on the PlayStation Network. Do I see myself going back to this game down the road? Oh yeah! The combat in the game is very forgiving and there’s nothing extremely complex with the game. The button layout on the controller may take some getting use to as well but overall I enjoyed my experience with this very arcade based, hyper realistic game.

VERDICT: Download It!

This is a game that should belong in anyone’s library thanks to its high octane action.

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