Zero to … Zero? 5 Reasons Why Hercules Doesn’t Reach Hero Status

Disney’s Hercules is 20 years old. I figure since Disney’s recently been struggling to come up with original films that this will soon be in queue for a live action remake. While we wait for that, here are 5 reasons I don’t like the movie Hercules.


1. It has the wrong MPAA rating. I have no idea how it is rated G. Hades alone requires a PG rating, let alone his little side kicks. Then add in the creepy Fates, some fighting, and the poorly animated-but-still-terrifying-for-young-children Hydra. The movie should definitely be PG.

2. Is there more scary stuff in the movie? Its possible but I honestly don’t know. The plot was so un-compelling & cliche I didn’t even finish the movie. I DIDN’T FINISH WATCHING IT GUYS. You should know that I don’t remember the last time this happened. I always always finish movies. I’m compulsively compelled to, and this movie was so lame I didn’t finish it.

3. The animation was not great. I could tell they were trying to style it off Grecian urns, but it just wasn’t working for me. Also, I know computer animation wasn’t quite a thing yet so the fact that movie is a hybrid with some scenes being done by hand and some by a computer is kindof a big deal. But really, you could knew which was which, and that was a little painful.

4. Aside from the violence and scary characters, another reason I take issue with the G rating is the sexualization in the movie. The faun chases after dryads and Meg. Meg makes comments about Hercules and walks in a manner to attract his attention. If humans acted in this dressed the way the Muses & Meg are it’d have to be PG with their high slits, low cuts, & voluptuous nature.

5. This won’t bother everyone, but the continual reference to things in Hercules’ story being the “gospel truth” got old fast. Greek myth is not on the same truth level as the gospel, even if you have a black gospel choir covering the Muses. I know not everyone agrees on that, but it was irritating & throughout the film, not just in one song.

So there you have it. Oh, what did I like? Nothing, really. I didn’t have a single reason to keep watching the movie, so I didn’t, and that makes me sad because I like finishing what I start. But honestly, I felt this movie was just wasting my time.

Notice that none of these reasons include the fact that Disney didn’t stick to the actual Greek myth. That’s because Disney never stays accurate to the fairy tales and myths they portray, so that was expected.

On the upside, at least the movie gave us a few good songs: “Go the Distance,” “Zero to Hero,” “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love).” And THAT resulted in this brilliant mashup with Moana – “How Far I’ll Go the Distance” watch it below! Click here to read my review of Moana!

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Amanda loves God, her husband, and her children. She is a full time stay at home mom who freelances in between chores. Books are one of her favorite things, and she prefers musicals, drama, and family films over action ones any day.
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