October Studio Pitch

Starting this month, Article Asylum is going to do something different. Something you, the reader can participate in. The game is called Studio Pitch. Each willing month members of the Article Asylum writing staff will submit a 100-Word Pitch (Info bits not included) around a certain prompt. This month’s prompt is “Video Game Movie Adaptations”. You the reader vote, in the comment section, on your favorite pitch. You can also submit your own. At the end of the month we will announce the winner as per your votes and our staff pick of reader submissions. Without further ado, here’s our staff submissions for October’s Studio Pitch.

Joseph Vuke:


Title: Borderlands: The Filmquel (or just The Borderlands. Idc)

Source: Borderlands franchise

Director: Nima Nourizadeh (American Ultra is literally the only movie I’ve seen him direct but his style fits perfectly for a movie adaptation imo

Starring: John Krasinski, Jon Leguizamo, Margot Robbie (grown Tiny Tina maybe), Cl4p tr4p, and Ryan Reynolds as Handsome Jack.

When Jon K, Hyperion tech meets Jon L, Vault Hunter (names pending), he is convinced to find one of the many vault coordinates handsome jack had once amassed. Their subsequent trip results in destruction, mayhem and life lessons? Maybe. But definitely a lot of death lessons.



Title: Metroid Dread

Source Material: Metroid

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Star: Charlize Theron

Pitch: Bounty Hunter Samus Aaran answers a mysterious distress beacon from the GFS Hermes, an exploratory vessel that journeyed just outside Federation Space only to waylaid by Space Pirates. After an ambush, Samus was forced to crash land on the nightmarish SR-3916, Samus fights to survive against the hellish creatures that inhabit the uncharted world. Alone and unaided, the bounty hunter uncovers an ancient bio-weapon that theatens the Galaxy and comes face to face with the very same monstrosity that killed her parents.
Joseph Hamrick:


Title: Phantom Dust

Source Material: Phantom Dust – original Xbox

Director: Danny Boyle

Screenplay: Alex Garland

Staring: Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, and Alicia Vikander.

Pitch: In the future a worldwide dust enveloped and poisoned the earth; killing most of the population. The remaining live underground and scavenge to survive. The dust took, but it also gave. To a rare few it gave the ability to change things with their will. A group of these “Espers” find two men in caskets on the surface. They both awake, as everyone else, with no memories of the past, only a locket with the picture of a woman who holds the key to unlocking who they were before. Those memories will change the very fabric of their lives.

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