The Story of an Underdog, and His Dog

When I sat down to watch the Peanuts movie I was really skeptical for a couple reasons: I wasn’t sold on what I saw advertised for the animation, and you’re making something Charlie Brown without Schultz.


I was pleasantly surprised. The animation style largely worked. The hair would randomly throw me throughout the movie, but was usually okay. The writers nicely drew from the comic strips and TV specials and neatly blended them with new material.

Not only do you get to watch the lives of Charlie Brown and friends, you also get included on Snoopy’s adventure against the Red Baron. This back and forth is nicely incorporated and flows naturally from one to the other. It had the potential to be choppy, but it worked well.

The music fits with what we expect from Peanuts. The voices didn’t sound off from what we are used to. The writers were gutsy; they make one major break from cannon. I am usually a diehard purist. I give them full props – I was rooting for this change and thrilled with how they executed it. Only those who grew up reading Peanuts will truly appreciate the triumph of this movie. Others may enjoy the movie (and I suspect they will) but they will miss the pride those who know these characters so well will feel.

If you have loved Peanuts and grew up reading or watching them, you will like this movie. If, like my husband, you’ve never particularly cared for Peanuts, you likely won’t be that interested.

Its super cute, contains nothing objectionable or scary for children, and teaches good lessons. Definitely worth owning. Highly recommend.

About Amanda Shreve

Amanda loves God, her husband, and her children. She is a full time stay at home mom who freelances in between chores. Books are one of her favorite things, and she prefers musicals, drama, and family films over action ones any day.
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