November: Month of Justice 

You may have heard but…

It is no secret that Article Asylum is an enthusiastically Pro-DC site. This does not mean we are Anti-Marvel or unwilling to dive into other areas of nerd culture. In fact, we look forward to Thor: Ragnarok and will be reviewing that film for our reading audience. However, November 2017 marks an absolutely momentous occasion for fans of DC Comics and especially for fans of the DCEU: We are finally getting a live-action Justice League movie on the silver screen! In celebration of this historic time, we dub November: Month of Justice.

Please check for almost daily content centered around the DCEU. Appropriate coverage will be given for Thor and for Star Wars as we approach The Last Jedi, But the meat of this Month will be DC. After the release of Justice League, any articles containing spoilers will be appropriately marked. We look forward to your feedback and continued support. On behalf of all of us at Article Asylum, thank you and please check out Justice League on November 17th!

About nuclearfish2013

Graduated top of my class in the school of hard knocks. I live in Raleigh, NC with my wife and (allegedly) zero kids. I work for a Property Management Company, create pointless trivia games, and manage various social projects. I'm as boring on a job application as I am an "About Me" page.
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