Character Spotlight: Aquaman

“Now in this island of Atlantis there existed a confederation of kings, of great and marvelous power, which held sway over all the island, and over many other islands also and parts of the continent.” – Plato; Circa 360 BC

Not so funny anymore, is he?

A limitless Naval Power of Antiquity, Atlantis sought to conquer the world in its hubris and the Gods of Old punished Atlantis by sinking it beneath the waves. However, Atlantis not only survived, it thrived.

Beneath the sea there is a Kingdom greater than any on land, a proud nation of sea-folk whose plains roll along the ocean floor, whose mountains never touch the free air, and whose cities are populated by a special race of people unlike any other. This remarkable civilization is made all the more remarkable by its King.

Maybe not a comfortable throne, but a very cool one nonetheless.

The legend that is Aquaman started because of Paul Norris and Mort Weisenger. The Atlantean first appeared in MoreFunComics #73 (1941). At the time, Curry merely learned the secrets of living underwater from his father, who learned the secrets of Atlantis. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the legends proclaimed that Curry was the Son of Atlanna and is voted to become King of Atlantis.

Today the tales typically depict Aquaman as the Warrior King of Atlantis and defender of Earth’s oceans. Like Poseidon of old, Aquaman has the mastery of the ocean and its inhabitants. The very beasts of the sea are subject to him and if his will is upon them, they refuse no command. He also wields the Trident of Neptune, which gives him command of the very waters as well as the ability to produce and utilize electrical energy.

Ms. Puff saw his Trident.

Since the 1990s, the tales of Aquaman took a heavier tone. His burden as King weighs more on him today than in days of yore. Gone are the days when this King of Atlantis could be scoffed at, now he is mighty and venerable. Seventy-five percent of this world is his domain and hischarge. Goofy though he appeared in the days of Super Friends, Aquaman is no pushover.

Not a traditional look, but he’s got the power.

The rumors of Atlantis and it’s mythic King continue even into this day. Soon the tale shall be told upon the screens of movie theaters across the world, spreading his dominion onto the shores as well as the sea. So what can we expect of this rendition of Aquaman? Firstly, he is portrayed by Jason Momoa, an American actor of Hawaiian birth. Do not expect his Atlantean heritage to be changed, but expect the character and his domain to be decidedly less Greek. Being King of the Seven Seas, we can imagine the Atlantean culture of the DCEU to be more globally influenced even if it does honor and pay homage to the Greek origins. We only got a small glimpse of Aquaman in action during BatmanvSuperman: DawnofJustice. Though we can safely say: he swims very fast. Trailers for JusticeLeague indicate incredible finesse and athleticism (and no flight). Thus far, the Trident of Neptune (if it is indeed the Trident of Neptune) has displayed no remarkable features which distinguish it from a normal Trident. The extent of his power is not yet known. This iteration of Curry seems to be quite jovial and witty, perhaps not yet burdened by hisbirthright (or election?) as King? Perhaps he is the current King but is merely a jovial person in nature. One thing remains abundantly clear, however: the tale of Atlantis and Aquaman is here to stay and the city beneath the waves may endure long after the tides have engulfed our land-locked empires.

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