First Impressions: Monster Hunter World Beta

These days I rarely find myself looking forward to a high profile game especially with all of the recent controversies and bad PR that’s come out. To be fair, I’ve learned that I’m more into retro games and prefer to collect the classics. These games remind me of a time when gameplay was the focus and you didn’t need shiny graphics to have a good time. My point in all of this is that Monster Hunter World is a game that I not only am looking forward to but it’s a higher profile game that has me outright excited.

My experience with the Monster Hunter franchise is extremely limited although I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve played. Last year I was introduced to Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS and I’ve enjoyed the several hours I’ve spent in that game. In fact, one of the contributors on this site, Ryan, joined me in a handful of those quests. I’m no where near the greatest Monster Hunter player, I’m still very much a noob, but I was able to see why fans of the series keep coming back to the franchise. The scale of these games, despite being handhelds, is massive, the monsters are ferocious, and the depth when it comes to weapons and equipment is addicting. I found myself wanting to keep grinding for the next upgrade to my sword and shield or to find ways to improve my armor. The hype with these games is most certainly real.

So that brings us to Monster Hunter World, or at least the beta. Available for only a short period of time, I was hoping to jump in and start slaying some beasts, and slaying I did. From the main menu there are only a handful of options that will be of use to players. Single Player and Multiplayer act nearly precisely the same way that they did in Generations, except there’s no hub world. The quests are the same regardless if you choose single or multiplayer but I’ll admit that I had a bit more fun in multiplayer. So once you decide whether or not you want to deal with other human beings you enter a screen where you can adjust the equipment for you and your Palico (cute little cat allies that support you in battle). I personally feel like the weapon choices are very similar to Monster Hunter Generations but I’m no pro on that, all I know is that there are plenty of weapons to choose from. This is where it dawned on me that the beta is merely a taste of the game. So, while the beta isn’t very deep, it is very satisfying and as a bonus defeating monsters unlocks various items for the main game once it releases.

My time spent with the beta was short yet very sweet. The controls felt tight and response. There were very few times where I questioned how I was hit. Dodging out of the way of an incoming monster charging at you felt satisfying. The damage models on these monsters look incredible as the more damage done the more ravaged the monster’s appearance becomes (Not gonna lie, a few times I started feeling a bit bad!). The combos for my sword and shield were easy to pull off; it was really cool to leap off a ledge at a monster and hit it with a leaping attack. Items were a bit tricky to get to and this is a similar complaint I have in the handheld versions of Monster Hunter. There were multiple times where I had to go find a safe spot to use a potion (or just stand there like an idiot only to be hit) or my whetstone but this leads into a bit of a praise I have with the game. You can find spots to take a breather if you have to. The beta feels really easy although I have only attempted the beginner and intermediate monster battles at this point.

I’m wanting to see what the world part of Monster Hunter World means so I’m hoping that the final game has a big hub world where you can see other players running around in, although, it wouldn’t surprise me if they do things similar to what they’ve done with the handheld games. All in all, I really enjoyed my time with Monster Hunter World and I absolutely look forward to this game when it comes out! Monster Hunter World releases on January 26th for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Want to see a recorded session of my first impressions? Check out the YouTube video!

First Impressions: Monster Hunter World Beta

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