Rio 2 – It’s a Jungle Out There!

Rio-2-Movie-wallpaper1I went into this movie without seeing its predecessor. Thankfully this movie stands pretty well on its own.

As expected (coming from Blue Sky) there is a conservation message. Bad guys of choice this time are loggers in the Amazon. 

Honestly, the plot isn’t that great, however, that doesn’t mean watching this movie isn’t enjoyable. What makes this movie great?

The voice actors: the delivery for each character was precise. Bumbling, self-conscious Blu is exceptionally well captured which makes it easier to believe all the other well-done characters. The voice cast is top notch – Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx,, George Lopez, Kristen Chenoweth, and I could go on.

The animation: the colors, the detail, the vibrancy – everything was done with believability and class.

The songs: while this movie is not a full-blown musical, it is a musical movie & the songs & singing are first-rate. Many of the songs are performed by UAKTI – a group that specialized in making music with unique instruments they invented, sounds from their own bodies (no, we’re not talking flatulence), and vocals. Everyone chosen to sing *can* sing, which was an unexpected treat.

These elements work together to give wings to this film & make this a truly family-friendly movie about the importance of family and home … and that is a rare treat. This is one to add to your movie collection. It even deserves its G rating as the villain isn’t too scary for the young. In fact, “Birdies” is one of my young children’s favorite movies!

While Rio 2 is a sequel, seeing Rio is not necessary to understand and enjoy this film. Rio tells the story of how the main characters met & why the villain doesn’t like them, but its very easy to accept things as they are as the gaps are filled in enough there aren’t lingering questions over details.

Definitely recommend.

Plot: 3 stars
Voice cast: 5 stars
Animation: 5 stars
Score: 5 stars
Average: 4.5 stars

About Amanda Shreve

Amanda loves God, her husband, and her children. She is a full time stay at home mom who freelances in between chores. Books are one of her favorite things, and she prefers musicals, drama, and family films over action ones any day.
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