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The concept of the epoch is not new to the Comic Book Movie. There is the bomb (Superman Returns), the triumph of world-building ambition (Avengers 1), the special effects masterpiece (Superman the Movie), the supreme realistic take (The Dark Knight) and the parody (Watchmen, Deadpool) but precious few of these epochs have had real significance. Joker, I hope, is different. Never has a comic book movie focused so resolutely on the titular character, less to the exclusion of others than the promotion of the one.  We are given characterization and intimacy with Joker that a century of Marvel movies wouldn’t begin to approach. It is right that this is so, Joker is as different from Dr. Strange as Mean Streets is from Venom. This isn’t even a question of quality as much as it is about intention and ambition. Joker stands apart and oddly enough, the movie’s closest cinematic cousin…

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Hello, my name is Joseph Hamrick. I enjoy reading stories I find, which provoke thoughtfulness and introspection. I am a Christian, so most of my writing and thinking comes from a theological perspective. I am currently engaged to Jesse Berden, and will Lord-willing be able to call her my wife (and subsequently update this profile) on March 23. I love contemplating on the moral, philosophical, and theological aspects of what I read and watch. I keep a weekly column, "Something to Consider," for the Greenville Herald-Banner. Along with that, I write on a regular basis at
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