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I'm a Bat...and I seduce things...No relations to Batman, Bat-Man, Man Bat, or ManBearPig....and maybe the last one was a lie... If somehow you like what you read you can follow me on Twitter: @Deylin07

Character Spotlight: Wonder Woman

When I was growing up I used to not put much stock into gender stereotypes on TV (And still don’t). Obviously, blue was for boys and pink was for girls but I viewed the world of cartoons, and most shows … Continue reading

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The DCEU and You: What Is Success and Please Mind Your Manners

How does the DC Extended Universe look right now? Quite healthy, in fact, when viewed from a financial standpoint. WB and DC are doing quite well if you compare their four films to Marvel’s first four, soon to be five, … Continue reading

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DC Animated Film Reviews: Batman: Assault on Arkham

Batman: Assault on Arkham is the kind of film that 2016’s Suicide Squad should have been. I’m not afraid to admit this as I’m also not afraid to admit that Suicide Squad let me down when I originally saw it. … Continue reading

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Diagnosis of Thor: Ragnarok

When I was thinking of ways to start out this review I kept feeling like I was going to potentially upset some people. I don’t always follow what everyone thinks, I don’t always agree with the critics, and I especially … Continue reading

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Gaming Bits! Gone Home and Metal Gear Solid V

If you’re a subscriber to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus then you may have noticed each month you get a free game or two. This is fantastic; but how do you know if these games are worth downloading? You … Continue reading

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