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I am a film obsessed college student who enjoys talking about geek culture in whatever capacity available. I think that DC and Marvel fans should unite, just to spite those pretentious Dark Horse Comics fans. I also co-host the podcast Underrated, where we defend movies that we think get a bad rap.

Star Wars Ranked: #3

We barely have over a week before the release of Episode VIII. You better have your theories airtight and ready to be proven right or wrong come Dec. 15th. Having been working tirelessly on these rankings, I’ve had no time … Continue reading

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Star Wars Ranked: #4

Breathe. Just breathe. That’s what I have to tell myself so I don’t pass out from excitement at the prospect of seeing The Last Jedi two weeks from now. Of course, that’s the first line from the teaser, so it’s an admittedly … Continue reading

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Character Spotlight: Cyborg

In October of 1980, Marv Wolfman and legendary artist George Perez introduced the world to Victor “Vic” Stone, AKA Cyborg, a high schooler with cybernetic enhancements and a penchant for shouting “booyah!”

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Star Wars Ranked: #5

I’m beginning to run out of ways to say that The Last Jedi is almost here. In all likelihood, if you’re reading an article like this, you don’t need me telling you that it’s only 5 weeks away anyway, so … Continue reading

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Star Wars Ranked: #6

We have a month and a half left until The Last Jedi. We’ve been given a teaser, a trailer, and two excellent featurettes and yet there are still so many questions I have left unanswered. Who is Snoke? Will Kylo … Continue reading

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