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I write at and You can follow me on Twitter @HB_Jhamrick. I also dabble in fiction, which you can find on Amazon under my author profile, Joseph Hamrick. I enjoy reading and attempting to write stories I find interesting that provoke thoughtfulness and introspection. I often achieve that in my reading - rarely in my writing. I am a Christian, so most of my writing and thinking comes from a theological perspective. I love contemplating on the moral, philosophical, and theological aspects of what I read and watch. I am also a Tolkien fan who thinks his works are the pinnacle of High Fantasy literature. And I am of the opinion that the six film Middle Earth saga reigns supreme as the best pieces of filmmaking in cinema history.

Jonathan Nolan, Total Depravity, and the #MeToo Movement

The science fiction Jonathan Nolan writes often mirrors the wickedness found in the world. This is how Jonathan Nolan, the Biblical doctrine of Total Depravity, and the #MeToo movement relate. Continue reading

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How (Not) to Think About Tomb Raider: Critics and Video Game Movies

All video game movies are bad. The Tomb Raider reboot is a video game movie. Therefore, the Tomb Raider reboot is bad. Logical, right? Wrong. You know it; I know it. Arguments based on a flawed premise don’t stand up … Continue reading

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Character Spotlight: The Flash

Hey guys, so can you keep a secret? If you can keep reading. If you can’t, please stop. All right? Well I’m Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, AKA The Fastest Man Alive (Ha! Suck it, Superman! j/k please don’t kill … Continue reading

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The Symphonic DCEU: The Brutal Precision of The Bat of Gotham

The Batman is brutal; he always has been, and I suspect he always will be. It’s engrained in his character. He is an embodiment of fear. He makes normal criminals think twice before engaging in nefarious activities for fear of … Continue reading

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The Symphonic DCEU: The Controlled Chaos of Wonder Woman

Music moves us. The power of the medium is unmistakable. With a few familiar notes we can be transported back in time to something peaceful or horrific. A couple dah dum, dah dum, dah dum dah dums, and I’ll remember … Continue reading

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