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I write at and You can follow me on Twitter @HB_Jhamrick. I enjoy reading and attempting to write stories I find interesting that provoke thoughtfulness and introspection. I often achieve that in my reading - rarely in my writing. I am a Christian, so most of my writing and thinking comes from a theological perspective. I love contemplating on the moral, philosophical, and theological aspects of what I read and watch. I am also a Tolkien fan who thinks his works are the pinnacle of High Fantasy literature. And I am of the opinion that the six film Middle Earth saga reigns supreme as the best pieces of filmmaking in cinema history.

Interstellar and Arrival: Poetry Put to Film.

Interstellar is a flawed masterpiece whose reach extended its grasp; yet I count Christopher Nolan’s space epic as one of the most inspiring movies I’ve seen. Why? Because it makes me feel more of the sense of the vastness of … Continue reading

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The Weight of Destruction: How the DCEU Allows Both its Heroes and Citizens to Mourn

The world changed that day. People looked up, hopeless and helpless as they watched buildings topple and towers fall. Street corners, blocks, and boroughs were destroyed under the weight of changing gravity. Metropolis was being destroyed by the world engine, … Continue reading

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Where Horror and Faith Collide

When I was eight or nine, my cousin forced me to watch one of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. One scene in particular etched itself into my mind and left me scarred for years. In hindsight it was a … Continue reading

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The Horror Marathon 2017: Diagnosis of Devil’s Candy

Warning: Mild Spoilers for Devil’s Candy ahead: Devil’s Candy is a film hard to describe. It is grotesque without showing much gore, macabre without reveling in it, surreal while grounded firmly in the reality of evil. It is a film … Continue reading

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An Ideal to Strive For: Hope that Doesn’t Wash Away

Note from the Chief Editor:  Joseph is more than a talented writer, he’s an every day hero. The Article Asylum family is just that: a family. As such, Joseph is our brother and we are immensely proud of him. His … Continue reading

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