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Hello, my name is Joseph Hamrick. I enjoy reading and attempting to write stories I find interesting that provoke thoughtfulness and introspection. I often achieve that in my reading - rarely in my writing. I am a Christian, so most of my writing and thinking comes from a theological perspective. I love contemplating on the moral, philosophical, and theological aspects of what I read and watch. I am also a Tolkien fan who thinks his works are the pinnacle of High Fantasy literature. And I am of the opinion that the six film Middle Earth saga reigns supreme as the best pieces of filmmaking in cinema history.

Under the Gun, Disney Jumped the Gunn

James Gunn once made a profusion of inexcusable jokes aimed at children and rape. But can a society forgive a man’s past? Or are we doomed to be perpetually outraged at the past, even after apologies are made? Continue reading

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We Need to Talk about the ‘We Need to Talk About’ Headline Culture

Too often we are told how or what to think about controversial cultural topics.

We Need to Talk about the ‘We Need to Talk About’ Headline Culture Continue reading

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Jonathan Nolan, Total Depravity, and the #MeToo Movement

The science fiction Jonathan Nolan writes often mirrors the wickedness found in the world. This is how Jonathan Nolan, the Biblical doctrine of Total Depravity, and the #MeToo movement relate. Continue reading

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How (Not) to Think About Tomb Raider: Critics and Video Game Movies

All video game movies are bad. The Tomb Raider reboot is a video game movie. Therefore, the Tomb Raider reboot is bad. Logical, right? Wrong. You know it; I know it. Arguments based on a flawed premise don’t stand up … Continue reading

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Character Spotlight: The Flash

Hey guys, so can you keep a secret? If you can keep reading. If you can’t, please stop. All right? Well I’m Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, AKA The Fastest Man Alive (Ha! Suck it, Superman! j/k please don’t kill … Continue reading

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