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Joker thoughts

Originally posted on theblackfitz:
The concept of the epoch is not new to the Comic Book Movie. There is the bomb (Superman Returns), the triumph of world-building ambition (Avengers 1), the special effects masterpiece (Superman the Movie), the supreme realistic…

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Under the Gun, Disney Jumped the Gunn

James Gunn once made a profusion of inexcusable jokes aimed at children and rape. But can a society forgive a man’s past? Or are we doomed to be perpetually outraged at the past, even after apologies are made? Continue reading

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We Need to Talk about the ‘We Need to Talk About’ Headline Culture

Too often we are told how or what to think about controversial cultural topics.

We Need to Talk about the ‘We Need to Talk About’ Headline Culture Continue reading

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All the Many Rooms I Refused to Die In

One day These are not my thoughts. These are the thoughts of someone I am very close to but am still discovering. I am a passenger, a scribe, swimming in this stream of consciousness. These thoughts resemble mine, filtered through … Continue reading

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Rio 2 – It’s a Jungle Out There!

It’s a jungle out there! For those with Kiddos, and those who enjoy a good animated feature, here’s a review of the fun and adventurous film, Rio 2. Continue reading

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