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Jonathan Nolan, Total Depravity, and the #MeToo Movement

The science fiction Jonathan Nolan writes often mirrors the wickedness found in the world. This is how Jonathan Nolan, the Biblical doctrine of Total Depravity, and the #MeToo movement relate. Continue reading

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Finding Middle Ground in a Divided America

Today we celebrate the Founding of Our Nation (The United States of America for foreign readers).

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How (Not) to Think About Tomb Raider: Critics and Video Game Movies

All video game movies are bad. The Tomb Raider reboot is a video game movie. Therefore, the Tomb Raider reboot is bad. Logical, right? Wrong. You know it; I know it. Arguments based on a flawed premise don’t stand up … Continue reading

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The Greatest Generation

Notes Concerning This Playlist: Here compiled for, your pleasure, is a list of films which are World War II related or adjacent presented in (mostly) chronological order. Some films span many years but principle events take place in one year … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Monster Hunter World Beta

These days I rarely find myself looking forward to a high profile game especially with all of the recent controversies and bad PR that’s come out. To be fair, I’ve learned that I’m more into retro games and prefer to … Continue reading

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