First Impressions: Monster Hunter World Beta

These days I rarely find myself looking forward to a high profile game especially with all of the recent controversies and bad PR that’s come out. To be fair, I’ve learned that I’m more into retro games and prefer to collect the classics. These games remind me of a time when gameplay was the focus and you didn’t need shiny graphics to have a good time. My point in all of this is that Monster Hunter World is a game that I not only am looking forward to but it’s a higher profile game that has me outright excited.
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Star Wars Ranked: #3

We barely have over a week before the release of Episode VIII. You better have your theories airtight and ready to be proven right or wrong come Dec. 15th. Having been working tirelessly on these rankings, I’ve had no time to create theories of my own other than of course my “Snoke is an amalgamation of Force Ghost Anakin, Mace Windu, and Rey’s parents” but I’m still iffy on the details. What I’m not iffy on are the details of my number 3 choice and why it’s here on the list. Continue reading

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The Force Apologetics Part II: Kylo Ren

Possible Spoilers for the Entire Star Wars Saga up to The Force Awakens

When Luke Skywalker showed up in Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi. He was doing some things which made us question where he was mentally and spiritually after The Empire Strikes Back. Continue reading

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Star Wars Ranked: #4

Breathe. Just breathe. That’s what I have to tell myself so I don’t pass out from excitement at the prospect of seeing The Last Jedi two weeks from now. Of course, that’s the first line from the teaser, so it’s an admittedly counter intuitive process. So is writing articles focused solely on Star Wars, yet here I am five articles in. Can’t stop now. Continue reading

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Diagnosis of Justice League

The idea of a Justice League Movie has been one that nerds across the globe have been clamoring for. The question is, does Warner Bros’ take on the Justice League live up to the hype? Well, let’s examine that. Continue reading

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