The Box Office Report June 12th

This weekend had to have been one of the more interesting ones to watch when it came to films. Not only did you have the potential start of a new franchise thanks to Universal but the sophomore weekend for a surprising comic book superhero. Were there any surprises this weekend worth note? Follow me after the click to find out! Continue reading

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The MCU Ranked From Worst to Best

Image Courtesy of Logo Realm
Given that the DCEU, something I genuinely love, is pretty consistently torn apart, I spend a lot of time talking about how I think Zack Snyder’s entries are misunderstood masterpieces with depth most other comic book films could never hope to achieve. While I stand by that statement, I don’t want it to be misinterpreted that I dislike the MCU. It’s quite the opposite actually. We are fifteen films in and continuity is almost entirely airtight. The action is pretty consistently great and, while it’s true that there is a formula many entries seem to operate by, that doesn’t keep the films from being unique stories, distinct from others in the genre. That being said, this is how I rank the films released thus far, from my least favorite to favorite. Let’s get started. (Potential spoilers for all.)
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Diagnosis of Wonder Woman

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

I once started a secret society called “X” that used this pose. Evidently someone recruited Wonder Woman. I’m not mad.

There’s no questioning that the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) has been rather difficult for mainstream audiences to swallow. I, and my colleagues here at Article Asylum have found the DCEU, on the whole, is a dish that is not only delicious, but reheats great. Like baked spaghetti, some things are even better the second time and, apart from Suicide Squad (Squash? …if we go with the food analogy), the DCEU has been just like that. The trouble is that most people are not keen to come back a second time if they did not like it the first. Wonder Woman had the daunting task of being spectacular on the surface while still being rewarding in depth. Party Jenkins’ film succeeds in that endeavor.
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Trailer Thursday

Howdy everyone! Welcome to Trailer Thursday. I’ve plumbed the depths of the internet to find interesting trailers. I hope that if you read this regularly you will see trailers for movies you haven’t heard much about alongside summer blockbusters and remakes. If you have suggestions feel free to contact us here or on social media. 
Today was a bit short of good content so I’ve included a trailer that does nothing for me at all. 
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Audio Asylum: Session 4 – Something WONDERful

This weekend was a special occasion as not only did Wonder Woman release but it released to really positive press and the audience responded in similar fashion. So what do the boys think of the film? How does it stack up compared to the other DCEU films? Find the answer to these questions in more in this week’s podcast! Welcome to the madhouse…
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