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Character Spotlight: Cyborg

In October of 1980, Marv Wolfman and legendary artist George Perez introduced the world to Victor “Vic” Stone, AKA Cyborg, a high schooler with cybernetic enhancements and a penchant for shouting “booyah!”

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The Weight of Destruction: How the DCEU Allows Both its Heroes and Citizens to Mourn

The world changed that day. People looked up, hopeless and helpless as they watched buildings topple and towers fall. Street corners, blocks, and boroughs were destroyed under the weight of changing gravity. Metropolis was being destroyed by the world engine, … Continue reading

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When Heroes Get Weary: A Good Man Turns Cruel

Bruce Wayne was powerless as he watched Metropolis get destroyed by the world engine; powerless as he watched his colleague die from General Zod’s laser blast which ripped Wayne Tower in two, and powerless while he cradled a young girl … Continue reading

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When Heroes Get Weary: The Man of Steel Loses Hope

Spoiler Alert: storylines from the comic books Superman: Peace on Earth, Superman: For Tomorrow, and Kingdom Come are given in detail. The Christopher Reeve Superman movies helped pave the way for the plethora and popularity of superhero films today. Much … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of the DCEU Part III: Dawn of Justice

Introduction:  The DC Extended Universe is indisputably filled with commentary on our world and this includes areas of philosophy. This series will attempt to illuminate and expand upon those philosophical musings. And each part will span the entire DCEU up … Continue reading

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