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Horror Marathon 2017: Diagnosis of They Look Like People

A man in his mid 20’s reconnects with a childhood friend who, currently having undergone a change in lifestyle that leads him to take charge more often,  invites him to stay with him until he leaves town. Also, he thinks humanity has been … Continue reading

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Blade Runner

Blade Runner retrospective Blade Runner 2049 is set to debut this weekend and multitudes of critics have already begun the process of beatification. The consensus seems to be that Villenueves’ sequel (decades in the making) is a tremendous film, superior … Continue reading

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October Studio Pitch

Starting this month, Article Asylum is going to do something different. Something you, the reader can participate in. The game is called Studio Pitch. Each willing month members of the Article Asylum writing staff will submit a 100-Word Pitch (Info … Continue reading

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Diagnosis of IT

We are in the midst of a Horror Movie revival. It’s been a good decade to be a horror fan and yet even among such excellent contemporaries, IT proves to be a real treat.

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The Philosophy of the Matrix Part I: The Allegory of the Cave

Introduction: Cinema is an art which often explores concepts of Philosophy, weaving them in narrative, characters, visual storytelling, music, and dialogue. Whether or not a work is effective at communicating these ideas really depends on the talents of everyone involved … Continue reading

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