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Character Spotlight: Superman

Superman is the oldest of the Superheroes, the uplifted model for all who have come after. The grand universes of comics and characters that we enjoy even today are firmly based in the mythos, morals and ideals that created one … Continue reading

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Character Spotlight: Cyborg

In October of 1980, Marv Wolfman and legendary artist George Perez introduced the world to Victor “Vic” Stone, AKA Cyborg, a high schooler with cybernetic enhancements and a penchant for shouting “booyah!”

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The DCEU and You: What Is Success and Please Mind Your Manners

How does the DC Extended Universe look right now? Quite healthy, in fact, when viewed from a financial standpoint. WB and DC are doing quite well if you compare their four films to Marvel’s first four, soon to be five, … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of The Dark Knight Trilogy Part I: Fun and Games with Joker

Spoilers for The Dark Knight follow. Game Theory and the Prisoner’s Dilemma:

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When Heroes Get Weary: A Good Man Turns Cruel

Bruce Wayne was powerless as he watched Metropolis get destroyed by the world engine; powerless as he watched his colleague die from General Zod’s laser blast which ripped Wayne Tower in two, and powerless while he cradled a young girl … Continue reading

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