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Where Horror and Faith Collide

When I was eight or nine, my cousin forced me to watch one of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. One scene in particular etched itself into my mind and left me scarred for years. In hindsight it was a … Continue reading

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An Ideal to Strive For: Hope that Doesn’t Wash Away

Note from the Chief Editor:  Joseph is more than a talented writer, he’s an every day hero. The Article Asylum family is just that: a family. As such, Joseph is our brother and we are immensely proud of him. His … Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Love Moana (+ a Fun Fact!)

If you haven’t watched Disney’s newest “princess” movie, you’re missing out. Here are seven reasons to love Moana:

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The Rule-Breakers Part II: A Tale of Two Supermen.

In Part I, I covered a poignant moment for Batman in Batman: Hush, and compared it to the Batman we see in the DCEU. Check it out here: The Rule-Breakers Part 1: The Dark Knight of the Soul. Nowhere else … Continue reading

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Calvary: The Trials and Death of Superman

Introduction: Last time, I made a more general case for Christ-like qualities of Superman and his ultimate choice to voluntarily submit to mankind. I also restricted myself to Man of Steel in the first part of this series. Now, we … Continue reading

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