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The Philosophy of the Matrix Part II: Fate, Free Will, and Choice

Note: The observations made here are meant to generate discussion and demonstrate how The Matrix explores these ideas. The ideas do not necessarily reflect my views upon the subject and are not attempting to convince anyone to adopt a certain stance.

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The Jungle Book Struggles to Find it’s Own Beat

I was nervous as I sat down to watch the “live action” Jungle Book. (Can it be called live action when all but one character are animated?) The animals just looked too big in the trailers. They were too big, … Continue reading

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Blade Runner

Blade Runner retrospective Blade Runner 2049 is set to debut this weekend and multitudes of critics have already begun the process of beatification. The consensus seems to be that Villenueves’ sequel (decades in the making) is a tremendous film, superior … Continue reading

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Trailer Thursday

You all know what time it is. My sincerest apologies for not having the time to put this together last week but sometimes life can get in the way of fandom.

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They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Introduction: The art of filmmaking is both timeless and ever-changing. This art contains universal and enduring principles as well as wild and enthralling innovations.

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