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Under the Gun, Disney Jumped the Gunn

James Gunn once made a profusion of inexcusable jokes aimed at children and rape. But can a society forgive a man’s past? Or are we doomed to be perpetually outraged at the past, even after apologies are made? Continue reading

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The Box Office Report 5/28/17

I hope you all are having an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! I think it’s entirely too easy for us all to forget that without those who died fighting for our country that we wouldn’t get the opportunity to enjoy the … Continue reading

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Diagnosis of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn surprised audiences everywhere when, in 2014, he took a couple of green aliens, a talking raccoon, a talking tree, and a human stuck in the 80’s, threw them in space and made one of the most entertaining and … Continue reading

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