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DC Animated Film Reviews: Batman: Assault on Arkham

Batman: Assault on Arkham is the kind of film that 2016’s Suicide Squad should have been. I’m not afraid to admit this as I’m also not afraid to admit that Suicide Squad let me down when I originally saw it. … Continue reading

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The Fatal Flaw of a Flawed Film

For the most part, every film needs a protagonist to root for. They can be flawed, have a checkered past, or even make some outright dumb decisions, but at the end of the day, they have redeemable qualities; they are … Continue reading

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When Heroes Get Weary: A Good Man Turns Cruel

Bruce Wayne was powerless as he watched Metropolis get destroyed by the world engine; powerless as he watched his colleague die from General Zod’s laser blast which ripped Wayne Tower in two, and powerless while he cradled a young girl … Continue reading

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Article Asylum Weighs In: Something Else(world) This Way Comes

There is a Joker origin story in the works that won’t exist within the larger DCEU. That is major news. However, it didn’t stop there. The film will be written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver, directed by Todd Phillips, and produced … Continue reading

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The Rule-Breakers Part I: The Dark Knight of the Soul

Batman has one rule; he doesn’t kill. Nowhere is that emphasized more, and subsequently made popular among the wider culture than in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, The Dark Knight.

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