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Character Spotlight: Superman

Superman is the oldest of the Superheroes, the uplifted model for all who have come after. The grand universes of comics and characters that we enjoy even today are firmly based in the mythos, morals and ideals that created one … Continue reading

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The DCEU and You: What Is Success and Please Mind Your Manners

How does the DC Extended Universe look right now? Quite healthy, in fact, when viewed from a financial standpoint. WB and DC are doing quite well if you compare their four films to Marvel’s first four, soon to be five, … Continue reading

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Superman: The Protector of the Weak

The eugenics program of the early 20th century is a stain on the morality of the people and government of the United States.

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The Weight of Destruction: How the DCEU Allows Both its Heroes and Citizens to Mourn

The world changed that day. People looked up, hopeless and helpless as they watched buildings topple and towers fall. Street corners, blocks, and boroughs were destroyed under the weight of changing gravity. Metropolis was being destroyed by the world engine, … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of the DCEU Part III: Dawn of Justice

Introduction:  The DC Extended Universe is indisputably filled with commentary on our world and this includes areas of philosophy. This series will attempt to illuminate and expand upon those philosophical musings. And each part will span the entire DCEU up … Continue reading

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