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Mr5Centz Reviews: Defenders Episode 1

What’s up crazy kids, Mr5Centz coming at ya with a new review just for you!  I’ll be giving you my “two cents” in this review, but the rating scale will be rated out of 5 (4/5 cents) since my name … Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Love Moana (+ a Fun Fact!)

If you haven’t watched Disney’s newest “princess” movie, you’re missing out. Here are seven reasons to love Moana:

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New Take on a Tale as Old as Time

The live action version of Beauty and the Beast could have been a great movie, it wasn’t. I love the animated movie and the Broadway play. I am not attached to the live action being identical to the animated one. … Continue reading

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Keifer Wynn and I team up to deliver a full audio commentary to play along side the Zack Snyder film Man of Steel. We hope our commentary is insightful and inspirational and we hope you’ll join us in commentary by … Continue reading

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The Legend of Zelda Experience: Part V: Oracle of Seasons and Ages

It’s been a while since our last foray into Hyrule but I am back and eager to take more of the saga on. The Gameboy was a phenomenon unprecedented in gaming history and with the success of Link’s Awakening, it … Continue reading

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