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Character Spotlight: Wonder Woman

When I was growing up I used to not put much stock into gender stereotypes on TV (And still don’t). Obviously, blue was for boys and pink was for girls but I viewed the world of cartoons, and most shows … Continue reading

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The DCEU and You: What Is Success and Please Mind Your Manners

How does the DC Extended Universe look right now? Quite healthy, in fact, when viewed from a financial standpoint. WB and DC are doing quite well if you compare their four films to Marvel’s first four, soon to be five, … Continue reading

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The Symphonic DCEU: The Controlled Chaos of Wonder Woman

Music moves us. The power of the medium is unmistakable. With a few familiar notes we can be transported back in time to something peaceful or horrific. A couple dah dum, dah dum, dah dum dah dums, and I’ll remember … Continue reading

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November: Month of Justice 

It is no secret that Article Asylum is an enthusiastically Pro-DC site. This does not mean we are Anti-Marvel or unwilling to dive into other areas of nerd culture. In fact, we look forward to Thor: Ragnarok and will be … Continue reading

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The Weight of Destruction: How the DCEU Allows Both its Heroes and Citizens to Mourn

The world changed that day. People looked up, hopeless and helpless as they watched buildings topple and towers fall. Street corners, blocks, and boroughs were destroyed under the weight of changing gravity. Metropolis was being destroyed by the world engine, … Continue reading

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