Top 5 Directors Best Equipped To Helm Suicide Squad 2

636065557593845294-26609615_suicide-squad-00The DCEU seemed to have broken the system when they pushed out a SECOND film that would be absolutely demolished by critics, and manage to somehow be a success. While not critically praised, Suicide Squad was a smash hit financially, and it’s legend has only continued to build with a recent Oscar win. Yeah. That’s right. Suicide Squad is an Academy Award winning motion picture. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in…


Recovered? Good. Now listen, I know that the Oscar win was just for makeup and hair-styling, but dammit you can’t tell me it wasn’t deserved. Suicide Squad, despite its flaws (and I have some major beef with this movieso don’t dismiss me as a fanboy) still turned out to make Warner Brothers a big ole chunk of that spendable lettuce.


Money, idiot.

So because it made so much dough, a sequel is absolutely justified. And get this… Warner Brothers has even managed to somehow fool Mel Gibson into thinking he might actually consider directing a comic book film. You know, the same Mel Gibson who is absolutely not a crazy man.


Totally sane.

Naturally, I decided to take a moment to give you a list of directors NOT NAMED MEL GIBSON that are well equipped to direct a Suicide Sequel. Ha, that was actually a typo, but I’m gonna leave it there because… Well, just because. Don’t question it. Bear in mind, this is a list of directors I think would make a great film, and not exactly in a particularly significant order. So anyways, on to number one, or as the British say, number one.



Michael Mann

Best known films:  Heat, Public Enemies, Collateral, Ali

Michael Mann is the kind of director that you dream about giving a film like this to. If you’ve seen any of his films, you already know he can take despicable characters and make them relatable, and even sympathetic. He is also a master of the shootout. His films are visceral and put you right in the action to the point where you forget you’re really watching a bunch of rich people shoot fake guns at each other. I probably just ruined all action movies for you, didn’t I? Doesn’t matter, moving on. Michael Mann could give us an in-your-face gritty Suicide Squad film that feels dangerous. That’s what I want. You know what, I might just end the list here. I think this’ll do, yeah? No? Alright, on to number four, or two… Take your pick.


“I’m not sure what to do with my hands.”

Brad Bird

Best known films:  The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (aka the one where Tom Cruise climbs a building with nothing but his long hair or something like that)

Brad Bird is like the kid in school who didn’t say much, but you knew that little runt was gonna blow everybody away with the best school projects every time one came up. Almost like his parents did the work or something… Someone get me a whereabouts on Brad Bird’s parents, I think they have some explaining to do for these movies.

Bird has a wonderful knack for giving all of his characters their moment to shine in his films. You never get a sense of feeling cheated after seeing his movies. Everybody gets their due, and that was something that was really lacking in Suicide Squad. There are too many characters that just feel so wasted (JOKER). With Brad Bird I don’t think that would be an issue, which makes him a solid candidate for the sequel. Not to mention he revived the nearly dead Mission Impossible franchise and gave it exciting new life, and has forced Tom Cruise to risk his life for our enjoyment. We are all in your debts Mr. Bird. NEXT…


Why is Vin Diesel the only person who looks genuinely happy here?

Justin Lin

Best known films:  Fast Five, Star Trek Beyond, and probably another one you know about

My next pick, Justin Lin, is just the guy you want at the helm of your big budget movie. He isn’t necessarily groundbreaking in his methods, but he is no slouch either. You can count on him to stick to the way of the blockbuster with overwhelming big booms and action six packs, but he’s gonna make it a good film, which is more than you can say for many directors these days. Another thing about Lin is that the theme of family is generally recurring in most of his directed films, and considering Suicide Squad touched on that by the end of the film (at least they tried to), who better to direct your sequel than the guy who turn the word “family” into a copyrighted Vin Diesel slogan? Now for a clickbaity segway, NUMBER FOUR (OR TWO) WILL MAKE YOU SCREAM!!!


“I don’t look at the road ahead because I gotta make sure the past is behind me dammit I missed my turn.”

Robert Rodriguez

Best Known films:  Sin City, Machete Franchise, Spy Kids Franchise, El Mariachi Franchise

Robert Rodriguez could be considered a more unhinged Quentin Tarantino, however, his ability to create unforgettable characters is second to none. Not only that, but he has already made two solid comic book films in Sin City and its sequel. He’s no stranger to eccentric and obnoxious characters, and somehow he finds a way to mix all that crazy with some absolutely fantastic action sequences. Rodriguez is just the man to mix a bunch of nutcases and give us the wild ride a Suicide Squad movie should absolutely be. I guess we’ve got one more to go. Honestly you could just stop here, I mean why keep scrolling, right? I’ll tell you why, because this is America (probably, I don’t know where you live and it’d be weird if I did), and you can do whatever you want! So let’s get on to the last (or first? your choice, but really my choice) guy I think has the chops to direct a sequel to the Oscar winning Suicide Squad!



Antoine Fuqua

Best known films:  Training Day, Shooter, The Equalizer, Magnificent Seven, and Olympus Has Fallen

Here’s a fun fact to fill your noodle, David Ayer wrote the script for Training Day. Crazy, right? Fuqua has proven himself to be one of the most competent action film directors of this generation.  His action set pieces are consistently on par with the best. He is another director who really captures the danger of an action sequence, making every shot count.  His films have a coolness factor that is honestly hard to explain. Perhaps it is credited to the performances he’s able to get out of his cast. The main characters in his films time and time again are just always badass and ready to take on whatever threat they must. With Suicide Squad, all he’s got to do is put his spin on it with a good script driving it, and we could end up with something very special.

So there, we did it. We got through the bloody list. What do you think about the directors I chose? Let me know who YOU think should helm the Suicide Squad sequel and why in the comments! Or don’t, I can’t tell you what to do.

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